Dining Out in Little India of Tokyo

6 10 2014

For the month of September, my two good friends and I chose “India” as the theme for our “world cuisine in Tokyo” dining expedition.  There are so many Indian restaurants in our city but we decided to try what is claimed to be “home food” from Western India in “Little India” of Tokyo, in the Nishikasai neighborhood.



The restaurant is brightly lit inside and there is not much “atmosphere” and it obviously used to be another restaurant, a Japanese izakaya perhaps, but it’s cute and definitely looks family run.









I had asked in advance if it was OK to BYO which the restaurant owner, an Indian guy who speaks fluent Japanese as well as English, did not understand and he told me he will follow whatever “system” is generally accepted.  He did not charge a corkage.  Nice guy. 😉

We got there early when it was empty but as the Saturday evening progressed, we started seeing many Indian families come and go.


Indian Home Food Reka

At the end of the evening, the owner gave me his name card which was for a corporation that had nothing to do with his restaurant business.  He is apparently the “Country Head” for a company called “Polaris Software Lab Japan K.K.” which, according to his card, has an office in central Tokyo.  I forgot to ask which business he enjoys more.

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