Pierogi to Go

9 09 2014

A couple of nights before I was to leave Poland, I finally tried the famous Polish dish of “pierogi“, bought to go from Domowe Przysmaki, a casual and yet very good cash-only eatery I had been to the first night after arriving in Krakow.


I wanted to eat “at home” because I had bought some red wine earlier in the day.




How were they??  The skin was thicker than I had imagined and was somewhat similar to Chinese boiled dumplings in texture but to me a bit overcooked and too much of flour taste.  After a while it became boring because you got about a dozen of the same flavor – mine was potato and cottage cheese as I was told that was the most typical.  Preferred the pancake from the first night but at least I could say I tried pierogi in Poland.  What I didn’t know then was what was to come the following day…

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