Music, Movies & Soft-Serve Ice Creams in August, 2014

4 09 2014

Taking a break from my Polish trip posts, my three main activities from last month.

Only four musical events.

Partly because I was going to be visiting Poland, decided to see a Polish film Ida which was released during the first weekend in August just prior to the trip.

Award-winning films are being shown in celebration of three film festivals, Cannes, Venezia, and Berlin.  I saw three of them last month.  (The special event is continuing until next week.)

The last film I saw last month was an Italian one called Il Rosso e il Blu which I loved.

Soft-served in Tokyo, Kofu, and Warsaw.

My favorite film turned out to be London River, a 2009 British film by a French director shown as part of the above-mentioned “film festival celebration”:

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