My First Night in Krakow

27 08 2014

The first thing you have to do after you check into an apartment on your travel, at least for me, is to think about getting yourself organized for the duration of your stay in terms of meals.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, what are you going to do, are you going to eat in the apartment or eat out all the time.  My preference tends to be have breakfast in the apartment, eat properly and elaborately if appropriate and if time allows in a restaurant at lunch, and have something light with a bottle of wine by your side in your apartment at dinner time.  Especially if I’m travelling alone.

My travel day between Warsaw and Krakow fell on a Sunday and I figured Poland being in Europe and very much Catholic, nothing would be open on the day I arrive in Krakow which got me thinking, how would I stock up for breakfast??  Before I left Warsaw, I found streets to be deserted with just a few mini-supermarkets to be open late in the morning.  Even coffee shops opened late and there was not much choice for eating breakfast out.

So I was surprised when I arrived at the main train station in Krakow which is attached to a mega shopping mall (lucky me) that absolutely everything was open and that the place was buzzing with people.  I later found out that this shopping mall was open until 9 pm on Sundays and 10 pm on other days from 10 am.  Talk about long business hours.

In any event, did my grocery/breakfast/wine/vodka shopping at a couple of the supermarkets (yes, went to two different stores) in the mall, consulted the web as to where to eat in the evening as I wanted to eat out, and dashed out of the apartment to walk and discover the neighborhood.


Where I got dinner.  A cash-only, almost self-serve home cooking place.  Absolutely wonderful.

Where I got dinner. A cash-only, almost self-serve home cooking place. Absolutely wonderful.

I had what was supposed to be typical Polish, very pink beetroot soup which was surprisingly very tasty.  What looks like crepe they call fried pancake on the menu which makes you worried but it’s really good especially the taste of the leek they use.  Very flavorful.

Domowe Przysmaki


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