Eating Out in Warsaw – Breaking the Cardinal Rule

12 08 2014

My cardinal rule when I’m travelling is to eat the regional cuisine where I’m visiting as much as possible.  This does not really apply in the US but in Europe and Asia, I certainly try and in a city like Moscow, I went beyond Russia just to make it more interesting and covered cuisines from the former USSR regions.

On my first Polish trip, as of today, August 11, after four days of being here, I still have not tried the Polish dumplings that I have been meaning to and would love to eat.  I may attribute this to the fact that I broke my cardinal rule not just on the first night in the country but on the second night as well.

Since I had a very late lunch on the day of my arrival, I was not going to eat much the first night and decided at about 9 pm to go out to a cafe/restaurant across the street from my hotel and very visible from my room for a light bite.  The food was good and you forgot that you were in Poland.


Broad beans, zucchini, and rucola with tasty dressing.

Broad beans, zucchini, and rucola with balsamico-based dressing.


Very tasty.


More about the second night later.


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