Ice Cornet, a Hamamatsu Creation

20 07 2014

I wondered if I should write about this as part of my “soft-serve fixes” for the month of July or not but it’s too different from your regular soft-serves so I decided to do a stand-alone post.

This is what is referred to by “ice cornet”.  Note that in Japanese “ice” means “ice cream”.


From the back.

From the back.

A cross section.

A cross section.

It’s a soft-serve ice cream “pastry” instead of a “cone”.  The pastry is a popular type of pastry in Japan most commonly found as “chocolate cornet” often with starchy chocolate cream filling.  The “cornet” reference apparently comes from the similarly shaped instrument.

The pastry-soft serve ice cream alone could be interesting but it is more interesting to note that the pastry is deep fried before being dressed up with ice cream and served.  This apparently is a Hamamatsu, known, amongst other things, for Yamaha with its pianos and motorbikes, creation.

Where the "cooking" is done.

Where the “cooking” is done.

So when the ice cream is handed to you, it’s warm.  Soon it will start to melt.


It’s quite good but the calories are worrying. ^^


Cafe Frangipani


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