Sunday Cooking Time!

14 07 2014

Yet another Turkish dish from Kyoko Ogino to spice up a Sunday evening and this time it’s “Izgara Köfte” or Turkish meatballs although this version is not “balls” and look more cylindrical.

First things first.

First things first.


Great looking lamb.

Thank heavens for blenders.

Thank heavens for food processors.

In case you’re interested, the “grill” you see in the last picture above is a typical fish grill that comes with the cooking stove in Japan in lieu of a typical western (yes, that’s very western) oven under the stove.  Looks like below photos with an overhead grill (and no heat from underneath but the small room gets very hot, fast).  The last photo shows the panel for the temperature controlled stove above for such dishes as tempura and cooking rice although most people cook rice in an automated, computerized rice cooker.  (Not me.  I’ve never owned a rice cooker.)


Done.  Lamb smelling delish.

Done. Lamb smelling delish.


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