Japanese Eggplants, Italian Cooking

12 07 2014

Went out for an Italian lunch with a guest and a new colleague near the office the other day.  The two-story restaurant has seating mainly upstairs with an exposed kitchen downstairs with a lot of fresh produce not necessarily meant to be on display but in effect is anyway due to limited space.  These were gleaming by the entrance when we went and they just looked so good I had to take a picture.


These are Japanese eggplants we refer to as “round eggplants” for obvious reasons and it’s interesting to note the restaurant is using this kind instead of the more common longer and more slender eggplants we get.  The best known brand of round eggplant comes from Kyoto and is called “Kamo nasu” (nasu = eggplant).  The box that these were in would have said which kind they were but I don’t remember.

Here is a map of different kinds of eggplants grown in different parts of Japan taken from this website.


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