Serving Osaka Sushi Since 1653

4 07 2014

Whenever I see “oshizushi” which is a kind of sushi originally from Osaka, I remember that my grandmother from Kobe used to love eating “battera” which is a kind of pressed mackerel sushi.

Partly for nostalgic reasons, I picked up a pack of horse mackerel sushi for lunch the other day at one of the supermarkets I regularly go to.




There is a lot of vinegar in this and for me, a bit much.  Nevertheless, I don’t mind trying good oshizushi once in a while.

The sushi shop the take-away sushi comes from is called Sushiman, a sushi restaurant founded in 1653, the Tokyo branch of which you can find in the Seibu Department Store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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