Experiencing National Theatre Live (Though Not Quite “Live”) in Tokyo

2 07 2014

I went to see a West End play this past Sunday in a movie theater that was being presented as part of the “National Theatre Live” series.  I did not know such kind of program was being made available here although I knew that it has become very popular to screen operas in movie theaters.  The theater was completely sold out for this play.

The play that was on was The Audience starring Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II, the same role she played in the film The Queen.  Not only was the play interesting and witty, interviews given by Peter Morgan who wrote the play (as well as the film script for The Queen) and Helen Mirren that were shown during the “intermission” between acts were very informative.  I would love to see it again but would do so after studying more about the prime ministers that are portrayed in the play.



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