Fuji Rock Festival 2014

31 07 2014

This year’s Fuji Rock Festival, the three-day music extravaganza, was held this past weekend in the ski resort of Naeba.  I went for the final day, Sunday, July 27, when the weather, unlike the first two days when it was sunny and very hot and humid, turned wet and windy but which made being at the outdoor festival bearable w/o the scorching sun and being wrapped in humidity.

Definitely overcast!

Definitely overcast!




Until next year…

A Feast at Eduardo’s, #2

30 07 2014

Continuing with the Chilean dinner at Eduardo’s, I give you Eduardo himself cooking up his traditional empanadas.



Beautiful and yum.

Beautiful and yum.

La Casa de Eduardo


A Feast at Eduardo’s, #1

28 07 2014

The theme for our “eat the world in Tokyo” project this month took us to Chile.  You’d think there would be plenty of Chilean restaurants in the big city with all the Chilean wines we get, this seems to be the only one and it’s not even very well known.  But it was a surprise hit.


When we arrived at 5 pm on a very hot Saturday evening, Ed was about to begin his daily routine of making his homemade empanadas.  I will come back to that later as that was the last thing served although we watched the whole process of their creation.

So how everything worked here was we could do a la carte but the easy thing was to tell Ed if we wanted meat, fish, vegetables and which kind, he would just suggest this and that and all of us could do an all-you-can-eat-and-drink menu for a very low price.  We said that was fine, bring it on, and on he did.

This simple salad was soooo good.

This simple salad was soooo good.

Our bird!  A whole bird!

Our bird! A whole bird!

The food just kept coming and Ed was ready to serve more but we still had empanadas to cover so we politely declined.  More to follow from La Casa de Eduardo.

Edamame Galore

27 07 2014

‘Tis the season for edamame!

A great summer appetizer with beer or chilled white wine.

A great summer appetizer with beer or chilled white wine.

Sushi To Go

25 07 2014

I love Tokyo for the ease with which we can pick up a nicely presented plate of sushi from a supermarket.

From Meijiya

From Meidi-ya

Now this is interesting.  I have never seen the combination of these three in one piece of sushi nor squid being presented in a gunkanmaki.


Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

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