A Secret Admirer?!?!

20 06 2014

I got to the office this morning after having watched the Japan vs. Greece soccer match which started at 7 am, Japan time.  It was a disappointing draw for Japan but we still keep our hopes up for next Wednesday when we are up against Colombia.

And this morning, when I arrived at the office, this was on my desk.


He or she did not leave his/her name and the bottle wasn’t there when I left the office the previous evening.


I looked up this campaign Coca Cola was having and while I initially thought that they just put popular names on Coke bottles and sold them, you apparently have to go to a store that is running the campaign, purchase a Coke, line up to have your favorite name printed and wrapped around it.  So that leaves the question, who done it??  For me??  (And I don’t really drink Coke. ^^)

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