A Mongolian Send-Off

8 06 2014

A friend of mine from college is going away on a six-month journey across Eurasia writing a travel-log.  Ahead of her June-20th departure, I met up with her and one of her other friends for a send-off dinner in a Mongolian restaurant in Ryogoku.  It was fitting as she will be going through Mongolia.


My second visit to Ulaan Baatar.


Dumplings filled with minced lamb.  Yum.

Dumplings filled with minced lamb. Yum.

Ulaan Baatar



2 responses

10 06 2014
Shanna Koenigsdorf Ward

A fun and festive send-off!


10 06 2014
Ayako Mathies

It was and this restaurant is very Mongolian with all the staff and the majority of customers being Mongolians. They look Japanese enough but speak in a totally different language. Fun.


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