Lunching @ Trade, Boston

25 05 2014

This was a neighborhood in Boston I had never been to before.  The closest station is South Station on the Red Line as well as Amtrak.  Had I known that the station building had some history, I would have explored it a bit more.

Anyway, our destination was Trade, a contemporary American (?) restaurant with many different influences with great food and an ambiance I thought was very fitting for the neighborhood.



The mango panna cotta!!

The mango panna cotta!!




And Jody Adams is the lady who makes all of this happen.  I had the amazing experience of being in her kitchen with her writer/photographer husband Ken when I saw the panna cotta above being created the Jody way.





2 responses

26 05 2014
Jody and Ken

Ah, that mango panna cott… I think for my waistline’s sake I’ve got to stay away from those for awhile. Thanks. Ken


26 05 2014
Ayako Mathies

But it’s less cream, more yoghurt!! 😀


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