Japanese Dining in Brookline, Mass.

9 05 2014

Let’s talk about eating habits.  I’m the kind of person that never misses or craves what we eat at home, i.e. Japanese cooking in my case, when I’m away from home in other parts of the world.  I know Japanese people that cannot go w/o white rice and miso soup for a day wherever they are but what I love doing if I’m traveling is to try what the locals eat.

So going to a Japanese restaurant on our visit to Boston was not my idea of a desired meal but was a request of my father’s friend and ex-colleague (?) who was very kind and helpful to us when we moved to the US in the ’70s.

If we were going to invite a friend to a Japanese restaurant, we had better chosen the right one and we settled on the one chosen by Boston Magazine as the best Japanese restaurant in Boston in 2013.  Funny it was in Coolidge Corner just a short stroll from where we were staying.


The food was good, more of an izakaya type of menu, with a wide range of dishes being offered.

By the way, the above Boston Magazine article refers to a “hibachi house”.  What is a hibachi house?!?!


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