The Nichols House, Beacon Hill

7 05 2014

I believe the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston to be the most beautiful area of the city.  My family loved visiting it when we lived in Boston but we always drove and I do not remember ever walking in the neighborhood though it is obvious it is best explored on foot.



We never knew the existence of this “museum” until we were walking past it on this trip. It was a cold and windy day and going into any building sounded like a great idea but this one turned out to be much more.





Nichols House Museum



2 responses

8 05 2014
Jody and Ken

What a great find! As a college student I worked at a restaurant, now closed, just down the street at 99 Mt. Vernon St. I must not have ever walked further up the street–I’m sure I would have noticed this museum. Now I going to have to stop by when strolling on Beacon Hill with my camera. Ken


8 05 2014
Ayako Mathies

Ken, you didn’t know about this museum? I guess they don’t really advertise it and you have to be walking by it to know. The guided tour I believe starts on the hour (or soon after) and lasts for about 40 minutes so to join at the beginning, you should time your arrival right.


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