Boston’s North End

4 05 2014

We used to visit the Italian neighborhood of North End in downtown Boston on almost a weekly basis to buy fish and bread when we lived here.  We weren’t much of fish eaters in Tokyo but I was told sea bream (or what appeared to be similar) which is considered to be more expensive than other fish in Japan was so cheap that when we had Japanese guests, that’s what my mother cooked.

Bread was a whole different story.  There was no good bread, no decent bakery in our neighborhood or probably in most cities or towns in the U.S. back then unless you went to places like the Italian market.

The second day of our stay in Boston, we went to the North End to walk the neighborhood and get an Italian lunch.  It turned out that the day was windy and extremely cold (we were dressed for spring) and not much walking was to be done.  As for our Italian lunch, the restaurant we wanted to visit, The Daily Catch, was being filmed with the chef cooking at the open kitchen when I went to check the place out in advance a little after noon.  A couple of people standing outside, an apparent TV crew, told me the restaurant would be open to customers at 1 pm but the filming would continue so be prepared to sign a release form for their travel channel TV program.

We decided not to stay as we weren’t hungry anyway.  We did stop by a cafe (pretty much as soon as we got to the neighborhood because it was so cold) for a good cup of cappuccino.













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