Arriving in Boston

29 04 2014

The red-eye flight from LAX arrived in Boston just before 6 am, local time, on Monday, April 28, 2014.


The Boston skyline in sight.

The Boston skyline in sight.


For the first time ever, I took public transportation from the airport through downtown Boston to Brookline, the neighborhood where my parents and I used to live in the ’70s and we chose it this time for our family trip over staying in a hotel in the city.


And arrived!

And arrived!



Our room was not ready so helped myself to some breakfast in the lounge.

Went out for a walk before my parents arrived and at noon we checked in only to find that our junior suite was on the smaller side for three adults.  We thought hard about what to do and ultimately decided that I would find another room in a different hotel (as ours was booked out for most nights).  Off I went to a very cute “guesthouse” a couple of blocks from The Samuel Sewall Inn to the Coolidge Corner Guest House which we found when we got there was literally right next to the house we lived in at 21 Littell Road.


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