Breakfasting in Macau, Day 1

30 03 2014

I booked myself into a French-owned hotel in Macau and decided when I did so that I would be breakfasting out to try to eat like the locals.


This proved to be an excellent move.  My first breakfast was at this well-known establishment in the tourist neighborhood of the Senado Square but it was no tourist trap.  Oh yes, it was the real deal.





My prawn soup noodle

My prawn wonton soup noodle



Thinner than angel hair pasta.

And as I came out from the restaurant it started to literally pour.


Wong Chi Kei




2 responses

30 03 2014

haha i notice you always book yourself into french hotels. do you speak french by the way? just curious! xDD


31 03 2014
Ayako Mathies

No, I do not though I have been going to France every year for the past 20 something years… ^^


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