A Wine Shop, Boulangerie, Patisserie & a Bistro All in One

24 03 2014

It was quite fun.  Though I did not check out each individual shop and stayed in the bistro the whole time, you do absorb the whole boulangerie/patisserie and the wine shop vibe as you walk into the premises that house everything together.


Le Petit Marché was our destination.


As the night progressed, it got busier.

As the night progressed, it got busier.

The Santa has arrived!  Didn't know they had this but everyone got a bag of bread as we were leaving.  Better to not waste great bread than to give to potential customers.

The Santa has arrived! Didn’t know they did this but it makes great marketing sense. Everyone got a bag of (leftover) bread from the boulangerie as we were leaving.

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