The Mont Blanc Treat

5 03 2014

“Mont Blanc” as referred to in pastry/cake is very popular in Japan, perhaps more so than in other countries, and it is very easy to find at any pastry shop and in local supermarkets and convenience stores.

Typically in Japan and I understand only or mainly in Japan, it looks like yellow noodles with white cream like so. ^^

In other parts of the world especially Europe where the cake originated, I understand it generally comes with brown chestnut cream like so.

Here is what my friends had the other day in Gaienmae which totally beats the concept or our understanding of “mont blanc”.





I had just come from a sushi lunch and was very full so had a very small piece of the art-like cake (regret) but I am so going back to this cafe to try the cake.

Le Patissier Takagi

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