22 Hours in Paris: Saint Georges

21 02 2014

I like taking the metro when in Paris for being able to feel as though you are living in the city.  I had never seen an elevated metro though; a new territory for me.


I arrived early in the neighborhood of Saint Georges for my meeting so I walked around the station just so slightly to kill my time and feel the neighborhood.






22 Hours in Paris: the Lunch

20 02 2014

I went to see a business associate in Saint Georges for a visit to his new office followed by a lunch meeting on my one day in Paris.


Truffle risotto

Truffle risotto. Very delicate. Light. Nice.

Cinnamon pear compote

Cinnamon pear compote

The interior.

The interior

Time very well spent.

Les Canailles

22 Hours in Paris: the Breakfast

19 02 2014

I arrived in Paris in the evening of Wednesday, February 5th for a full day of meetings on the following day.  I booked myself in one of the Citadines outlets, in a ridiculously huge one-bedroom apartment because they had a super deal but only to be checking out the next morning, near the Eiffel Tower thinking that it would be conveniently located to my first early morning meeting.  It turned out that that meeting was moved to the day I arrived from Tokyo after I had made the reservation so I was stuck in this unfamiliar neighborhood.

My apartment came with a full kitchen and everything but I chose to get breakfast out and it took me a bit of walking and meandering before I arrived at this most wonderful boulangerie/patisserie although it was on the same street as my apartment.  It was worth it.  OMG, the pain au chocolat was so good.  😀






23 Hours in Monaco: the Final Moments

18 02 2014

So it was a short and very wet trip but I was glad I chose to stop by the sovereign state of Monaco if only to satisfy my curiosity and to cross it out from my list of unvisited places around the world.

Orange trees were everywhere.

Orange trees were everywhere.


That would be the bar/lounge/pool area of where I was staying.

The bar/lounge/pool area of where I was staying.

It was still raining at 5 pm when I headed out to Nice Airport for an onward journey to Paris.

23 Hours in Monaco: the Rock

17 02 2014

So I didn’t really have it figured out that the huge cliff on which the Palace stood was called “The Rock” or “Le Rocher” and that it was the “Old Town” of Monaco which really proves I had not done any homework whatsoever upon visiting the region.

In any event, I went up to the Palace…



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