22 Hours in Paris (+ Extra): the Eiffel Tower

23 02 2014

I was staying near the Eiffel Tower and had a view of it from my apartment but it was overcast and it was too far away for one to actually feel the monument.  I did not go anywhere near it during the day and it was only in the evening on my way to the airport that I had a proper view of it (though not a proper photo because I was in a moving vehicle).


And I think it looks better at night.

Here follows the “extra”.

At the Air France lounge at CDG.


I flew as I normally do on AF that evening leaving CDG at 11:20 pm.  I do not normally eat a full dinner on board because I would opt to eat before flying but that night I did not have enough time for a dinner appointment or do dinner by myself so I ate after we took off.  Generally on AF, the appetizers are OK but the mains are never great.  This was different which was part of a campaign menu featuring a real chef (and I forget who and am not sure after doing searches) which was quite tasty.  I was not planning to touch the dessert but ha! I finished it.




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