23 Hours in Monaco: the Lunch

14 02 2014

I only had one chance to eat well in Monaco as I did not feel like going out the night I arrived and decided to stay in my hotel room.  The lunch on the following day was it.  I wished to try something local but wondered if there was anything local about Monaco being the small state it is.

Well, there is and it is referred to as “Monégasque Cuisine” and they served it at this restaurant right next to the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.





What looks like pastries below is a local specialty called “barbajuan” and it tasted exactly like our “gyoza” with extra “nira” or garlic chives though with a different texture because of what it is wrapped in.  This kind of seemed hilarious as gyoza is far, very, very far, from being fancy partly due to the use of nira and often much garlic which give a strong garlicky flavor/smell to the dish.

These were fantastic.



I have read that barbajuan stuffing is made from pumpkin and rice as well.


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