Eating in Malacca: the Portuguese-Malay Kitchen

8 01 2014

This Portuguese-Malay fish dish was the best meal I had while in Malacca, Malaysia although it was totally unexpected as I did not seek this restaurant but just wanted to go somewhere where they served wine.  There was a whole complex mixture of flavors and aromas for the sauce and the fish was baked just to the right tenderness and juiciness.  Banana leaves are laid underneath the fish and they seem to enhance the entire dish by adding another layer of aroma.  I asked when ordering what made this  “Portuguese style” and was told it was the spices which taste much more Asian than Portuguese but apparently that is how the style of cuisine localized and developed.  Read about the “Kristang” cuisine here.






It was way too big for one and though this looks almost finished, it’s not. There is still a lot more meat there.





Eleven Bistro & Restaurant




2 responses

9 01 2014
Jody and Ken

Very appealing. Do you know what kind of fish it was? Ken


9 01 2014
Ayako Mathies

Wow. Difficult to say. Not good with fish names or what they look/taste like either in English or Japanese. If I had to guess from the shape and the color of what I had, which was quite long and fat, maybe the fish at the very bottom of this link?
It wasn’t a meaty fish.


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