Craft Beer

19 12 2013

There is a new (or maybe not so new and I just didn’t notice it) trend in Tokyo for seeking “craft beers”.  We are a big beer drinking country in general and we have great beers produced by big breweries but there are also microbreweries that have been popping up since the law for manufacturing beer was relaxed in 1994.

I went to a meeting in Hiroo the other day and came across this craft beer.


I had the “white” beer but there was also “red” available.

The ale had a somewhat milky golden color and smelled very good.  And it tasted like no other beer.  The alcohol percentage is high like Chimay but it felt much lighter with a mild carbonation and a very pleasantly sweet aroma and taste (though not as sweet as a Belgian fruit beer).

Kagua explained here.  And this Japanese craft beer is actually brewed in Belgium…!

Where I had it.

Where I had it.

Tengenji Cafe

Here is a comprehensive and interesting journal of craft beers in Japan.

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