November Sushi

29 11 2013

So…  November sushi report.  Early November, I had to accompany my father for lunch one Sunday when my mother was in the faraway land of Myanmar. Then I tried a sushi bar I had not been to before in Suidobashi for a leisurely Saturday lunch.  Then my best friend and I did our routine sushi night out. And I took a couple of visiting US guests out to lunch at Nobu.







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29 11 2013

Oh my god that sushi!!!! It’s impossible to find that quality sushi in Belgium. Very tragic for a sushi fanatic like me. Last week I went to a sushi bar in Antwerp, with a Japanese chef. She makes sushi with European ingredients. It was interesting and the quality was good, but it doesn’t compare to the super fresh and simple sushi from Japan.


29 11 2013
Ayako Mathies

Kozasa is one of the best in Tokyo and the two others above do not even compare to it so I would be surprised if the same quality (not just the fish but how everything is done) were offered outside of Japan. And the thing about Kozasa is that it’s not expensive. Not cheap but for what it is and if you don’t drink (we do) and of course it would depend on how much you eat of what but the food would be about 7000 to 8000 yen per head. That’s pretty much less than half of what it would be in Ginza or Akasaka sushi joints.


2 12 2013
Jody and Ken

I think all of it looks delicious–especially after the super rich food of the past weekend in the US. Is the Japanese Nobu and relation to the NY one? Ken


2 12 2013
Ayako Mathies

Yes, this Nobu is the same Nobu as the one in NY and everywhere else. The original restaurant is The Matsuhisa Restaurant in LA (location?). The chain Nobu is co-owned by Mr. Matsuhisa, Robert DeNiro & other investors, I believe.


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