Cooking… Lately…

27 11 2013

It’s not as though I have not been cooking but I have not necessarily been using recipes or been documenting anything for the past few months.

So here we go.  A couple of dishes I made two weekends back for which I took photos.

Mock yakisoba (fried noodles)

Mock yakisoba (fried noodles)

It is “mock” because in lieu of yakisoba, the recipe which was published in the weekly cooking column on the Japanese print version of The Asahi called for “kiriboshi daikon“, dried and shredded Japanese radish.  (The dried form is available everywhere and I don’t know anyone who makes it from scratch as the link suggests.)  Substituting carb with a vegetable I thought was not a bad idea and the recipe said the texture is similar.  The result…  Hmmmm…  It’s OK for what it is.  I skipped pork which was in the recipe because I didn’t have any so if that was added it may have tasted more like yakisoba.

Yellowtail cooked in red wine with ginger and daikon.

Yellowtail cooked in red wine with ginger and daikon.

This was a recipe I came across on an ad-based section of The Asahi.  It’s by Kiyomi Mikuni of Hotel de Mikuni.  Easy and fab!!



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