My New Routine

20 11 2013

For the last ten months or so, I have been going to a spa type of salon near my office to get my nails done.  Because of the kind of treatment I do and because of the hours my nail stylist of choice works, I have to take time off from work to get there.  Depending on her and my schedule, this ends up being in the morning or in the afternoon.  When it’s an afternoon appointment, I now try to get a proper lunch (which I never do if I’m in the office – I just eat in at my desk) before I go.

Antonio’s is one of the oldest Italian restaurants if not the oldest in Japan and run by an Italian family.  I don’t think I had ever eaten there and since it is now within a walking distance from the office I thought it would be a perfect choice for my leisurely lunch before heading to the salon.  This is from the beginning of this month.

My salon.



More info in English on Antonio’s here.

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