Stuff the Police Don’t Notice

19 11 2013

This is from my neighborhood and it’s been like this – the sign for a one-way street totally bent that you cannot see the sign – for maybe more than a month.  I wanted to report it as soon as I saw it but it had taken me some time to stop and take photos and after that it took me more time to actually report it.  At the end how I reported it was I had called on a policeman riding his bike on the street while I was walking to my station on my way to work a few days ago.


Do you see the totally bent one-way sign?

It’s so surprising the authorities do not notice this kind of thing as to me it almost looks as though someone did this deliberately so as to get away with driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street which I have witnessed being done by a truck from a construction site nearby.


Many cab drivers actually mistake the street for a two-way street and try to turn around and go back the way they came because the road leading up to it goes in both directions and the one-way section originates from where this sign is.

This morning it was still the same.  Grrr.

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