New Home Appliances

11 11 2013

My 50-inch plasma screen TV died on me.  Not all of a sudden.  I actually saw it coming but was trying to convince myself its conditions would get better but they weren’t so I finally asked last month for it to be seen by a specialist.


One look and it was confirmed dead on the spot.

It was manufactured 8 years ago and it had only been 7 years since I bought it.  The manufacturer could not repair or replace it because it had stopped producing plasma or any other kind of TV altogether so I was given cash, lucky me, to go away.  And they also picked up the TV for free.  You normally have to pay to dispose of these things.


I got a new one, much smaller in size, with a liquid crystal display recently.  It cost me less than what I was given. ^^)/


And I set it up yesterday.  Yup, it’s much smaller but will do fine since I unsubscribed to all my cable channels and I don’t watch terrestrial channels anyway, this will be a monitor for whatever DVDs I might occasionally have the urge to watch.


And these things tend to happen simultaneously.  I also bought a new fridge this weekend.  The old one which I inherited from my parents was 24 years old.


I also got rid of this fine Camry which I had bought new about 18 years ago and inherited my father’s Prius last weekend because he gave up his driver’s license (I was happy with my own car and preferred to keep it but I wasn’t given a choice.)  I was told by my dealer it would be cheaper to scrap it than try to sell it as it was too old though it only had 36,000 km on it.  I’m so sure it would have sold for a good price in Viet Nam!  😦


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