Authentic Italian in Tokyo

8 11 2013

In this what is considered as more of an authentic Italian restaurant in Hiroo to which I took visiting American guests last month at their “Italian” request, I started the evening, while waiting for them to arrive, with a Campari & soda which I had not done in a very very long time though I used to like Campari a lot when I was younger.

My Campari & soda served in a plain glass.

My Campari & soda served in a very plain glass.

My starter.

My starter which I guess is not so authentic Italian (or is? I don’t know.) My good Italian friend told me once that the proper carpaccio is with meat.

Moving on.

Moving on.

Did a pasta as a main dish with homemade fettuccine with procini mushrooms.

Did a pasta dish as my main with homemade fettuccine and fresh porcini mushrooms.

Our dessert plate.

Our dessert plate. For five guys and a gal.



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