Another Interesting Wine Bar in Tokyo

3 11 2013

I happened to walk by this store, along a route different from what I normally take after work, having had my hair done (the reason for the route) a few weeks back.  It is basically a wine boutique with other kinds of alcohol such as Japanese sake and beer made available but its selling point is that they have space with tables and chairs where you can order bar food and wines by the glass very cheaply or by the bottle in which case you just pay 500 yen more than the retail price for corkage.  The interesting thing is that it is in a prime (read expensive) location but not with much people traffic.  So I am wondering if the shop, which is owned by a liquor store in Kannai, Yokohama which I understand runs a very popular wine bar out there, will survive in Tokyo.  I hope so.


I think the shop had just opened very recently when I visited.


Outside the shop they have this barrel with wine on tap available for not sure how much but maybe less than 500 yen. You go inside and order. I always wonder with this kind of thing if anyone tries to take advantage, i.e. help themselves w/o paying, but probably not.



Sparkling wine by the glass.  500 yen a pop.

Sparkling wine by the glass. 500 yen a pop.

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