Rediscovering Old Neighborhood

2 11 2013

I went to a university located in the city of Mitaka which to me at the time seemed like in the middle of nowhere (it still does).  But to get there I used to go through Kichijoji, a town that has been voted the most desired neighborhood to live in in Tokyo for the past nine years, everyday.  For me it’s too far away from central Tokyo but if you follow the link, wikipedia cites some of the reasons why it may be so popular.

I went to a gathering in Kichijoji a month ago with friends from work because the restaurant we headed to was owned by a kindergarden friend of one of us and it proved to be just the right kind of hang-out for the neighborhood: friendly, great food & cheap.  And open til 4 am if you want to linger on.


Sennen (= a thousand years) Budoya (= grape place)

Sennen Budoya Kichijoji

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