Seven Hours in Paris

25 02 2013

That’s all the time I had for visiting Paris, my final destination of this year’s trip to France, on Friday, February 1 to do a couple of meetings…



Cafe de l’Industrie



Places des Vosges







These steps were set up in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral for what purpose I was not sure but looking at its website, looks like something to be used in relation to the 850th anniversary.


Notre-Dame de Paris



2 responses

25 02 2013
Jody and Ken

Ah, the place des Vosges–the next time you’re there, try getting a table at nearby Chez Janou. It’s Provencal and you won’t be disappointed. Notre Dame. I’ve walked by that cathedral every time I’ve visited Paris for the last 30 years, always wanting to take the tour of the bell towers to see the gargoyles, but there’s always a long long line. Maybe I’ll have to move to Paris, wait for a blizzard, then run down to the church just as it opens for the day. Lovely photos. Ken


27 02 2013
Ayako Mathies

Hi Ken, I’ve just gone to the restaurant’s site and it looks so great!! Though I don’t understand French (after all these years of going to the country), the video and the menu look most inviting.

As for the Notre Dame. Yes, I’ve been inside, gone up, etc. I don’t like lining up to get in or do whatever though, so I don’t think there was much waiting.


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