Eating in Cannes: Le Bistrot les Anges

29 01 2013

More precisely the restaurant at which we had dinner last Friday is in Le Cannet, just outside of Cannes.  Its being a Friday night, it was busy with dining locals.

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Le Bistrot les Anges



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30 01 2013
Jody and Ken

Looks great. Interesting desserts. What were the ball-shaped things between the halves of a “bun”? And were those pâtes des fruits in the jar? Ken


30 01 2013
Ayako Mathies

That’s Paris-brest so praline cream. Very nice although I was kind of expecting something a little more spectacular.

Yes, you’re right about the pates de fruits. I think they were framboise but I’m not a big fan so though I had the madeleine, I don’t think I tried the jelly.


12 02 2013
Eating in Arles: Bistro A Cote de Jean Luc Rabanel « A blog by Ayako Mathies

[…] which apparently has two Michelin stars (and which is similar to the situation we had in Le Cannet here.  The sister restaurant to that one is this one which is also two-Michelin […]


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