When it Rains in Hue

22 01 2013

Well, it apparently does so pretty much all year round and heavily, too, in certain months.

It was mostly overcast during my stay in Hue, Vietnam, and on the day I was to leave, we had substantial rain.

But the people of Hue are always very ready for the occasion.

Rain ponchos sold everywhere.

Colorful rain ponchos sold everywhere.

As soon as it starts raining, they get dressed.

As soon as it starts raining, bikers and cyclists get dressed.

I liked this pink one.

I liked hers.

They like fishing in the rain, too.

They like fishing in the rain, too.

Your ride needs to be ponchoed, too!

Your ride needs to be ponchoed, too! Note how there is transparent covering where the headlight is supposed to go. Clever!

I bought one just like this for Fuji Rock.

I bought one just like this to take with me to Fuji Rock.

I saw other designs such as polka dots, checkered patterns and ones with promotional logos.  I was very tempted to ask where I could buy them but went the easy way and bought a couple for myself as well as one for a friend in the first shop I came across. ^^



3 responses

22 01 2013

I am enjoying your snapshots on Hue. I am heading there this April, which I am really looking forward to, although I hope the weather will be sunnier as it looks a little overcast in your photos.


22 01 2013
Ayako Mathies

I do hope you will have good weather when you’re there. I was looking at my iPhone’s weather app today and it seems that this week, it’s all sunny in Hue and the temperature high so even in the same month, it’s not always the same kind of climate.

Because Hue is so small, the advantage of being in a cooler weather was the fact that I could literally walk anywhere w/o getting tired and sweaty. I have been in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City at about the same time of the year but it was very hot in other places.


23 01 2013

yes I agree being cooler is far more preferable to explore a new city. Less sweaty ;o)


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