Eating in Hue 3

12 01 2013

I had always wanted to try the baguette sandwich they have in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos but before this trip, I never had the right moment to do so as it’s always been hot and humid on my previous visits and that and baguette I really don’t think go well together.

Since Hue was not hot and humid, I was ready to try the bánh my but had a lot of reluctance buying it from a stall because, as mentioned before, I have been sick from eating in Vietnam before.

My solution was to go to a hotel where I wasn’t staying, visit its bar, and try its bánh my.  Worked out nicely although it was Tokyo price and way way too expensive.

Anyway, mission accomplished.

IMG_6761 IMG_6763






The day after I tried the hotel’s bánh my, I passed by this stall and it looked like the best bánh my I had ever seen.



I would have bought here had I known!!

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