The Annual Christmas Gig

25 12 2012

This is a record of our “Christmas dinner” for this year, something a couple of my friends and I keep doing every year at Christmas time.  It’s just another dinner in Tokyo but the tricky thing is to choose a restaurant that is NOT offering the “Christmas menu” as most restaurants do making it the only choice for your dining (dis)pleasure.  This year the Friday before Christmas was the 21st which is the night we picked so that may have helped, making it a bit too early for all restaurants to be featuring the Christmas menu.

This very tucked away restaurant on the edge of Shibuya on a very quiet street kept getting busier and busier as the hours passed.  (They only open at 7 pm which is very late by Japanese standard.)  The food was great.  “The system” of never changing the wine glass (or the cutlery but that you see a lot) is somewhat questionable given what they charge.  I liked it that they use a very proper white cotton napkin.  (Japan is not big on napkins.)


IMG_6434 IMG_6435

IMG_6437 IMG_6438

IMG_6439 IMG_6440

IMG_6442 IMG_6444


Loved this boudin noir!

IMG_6447 IMG_6450



IMG_6455 IMG_6456



IMG_6468 IMG_6469






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