20 12 2012

From, on its write-up of a special feature on beer bars:

Yoyogi Koen
On a narrow alley a block from Yoyogi Koen subway station, Escalera is a very charming and intimate little dining bar that looks more expensive than it really is. A cozy wood interior divided into a two areas – a broad bar, and table seating, it feels like a mountain farmhouse somewhere in Europe. The food, however, is pan-Asian with Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese influences. The beer selection is noteworthy: Yebisu, Kirin Brau Meister, and Kirin Heartland, all premium Japanese beers. This makes sense not only because they go well with the spicy and aromatic Asian-style food, but also because the beer is invariably very fresh. 1-52-6 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku. Open 6 pm to midnight. Closed Sat., Sun. and holidays.

We got there following our visit to the Portuguese restaurant when we had had plenty to drink and eat.  I was very surprised we were able to (though barely) consume more wine.  I think the atmosphere helped.  It was just so charming.


IMG_6121 IMG_6132


IMG_6136 IMG_6137



IMG_6147 IMG_6143

The sign said it was open until midnight but the lady who runs the bar let us stay til 2 am.  She was very nice.



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