Carnivorous Friday

29 11 2012

This is from almost a month ago when my friends and I went out to seriously eat meat, as though with a vengeance.  This restaurant in Nakano was just the place.

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Organic Sushi Lunch

27 11 2012

I normally eat in when I’m in the office which is most of the time but occasionally feel the need to go out and explore the neighborhood for lunching possibilities so that I don’t panic when we have guests to entertain.  The only problem is that where we are now, as opposed to where we used to be, the choices are so limited it’s almost just not a good idea to eat near the office.

Anyway, this is the second sushi bar I found in our neighborhood and one that boasts its “organic”-only produce they use from fish to rice to vinegar to other ingredients.  Tastewise, it was not spectacular but OK.  I liked the ikura – salmon roe.

Organic Sushi Restaurant Ouchi

Planning a Reunion

26 11 2012

My high school class is due to be holding a reunion in about a week’s time and this was the second “planning session” we had amongst its “committee” members – all self-chosen and eager to get together for a wine-and-dine “meeting”. ^^

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Great venue!

Brasserie Holoholo

Japanese Halloween

24 11 2012

I know it’s slightly out of season but I just had to say things have changed in Japan.  We were not aware of this event called “Halloween” for a long time but it has now penetrated to nursery level. 😀

Shot very close to where I live, on my way to work, on October 31.

But we still don’t go knocking on other people’s doors and I guess these kids don’t know that that’s the American tradition either.

Going Home from Sendai

23 11 2012

It was a short visit but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

View of the Matsushima Bay on the local train between Matsushima and Sendai.

Before boarding the return Shinkansen bound for Tokyo at Sendai Station, we stocked up on food and drinks. ^^

Our ride back to Tokyo.

Food glorious food.

Very good osenbei (rice cracker).

Saké from Miyagi.

Dried “hoya” (sea squirts).

Very very good fried kamaboko (fish cake) with scallop.

Something my friend brought from Tokyo. We didn’t want to return with it.


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