Cats in Riga

1 09 2012

I always try to take pictures of cats when I’m travelling.  I just like them and like capturing their expressions.

Something from the past:-

Cats in Amsterdam

In Budapest

In Fes, Marrakech, and Essaouira

In different cities and villages of Bhutan

Sadly during my entire Baltic trip, while I saw a couple of cats in passing (including once from the bus near the border of Lithuania and Latvia, I think on the Latvian side), I was unable to get them on my camera.  I don’t know where they exist in the Baltics.  All domesticated and no stray cats??

Here is something else though from Riga: the famous black cat (well, two of them).

Cat House/Kaķu māja

And there is a counterpart dog that our guide told us was observing the cats…



4 responses

2 09 2012
Jody and Ken

Hello, Ayako–You travel to the strangest places! Eastern Europe is not the destination that springs to the top of the list of my fantasy vacation places, and yet your pictures and observations make it all sound so interesting. I love your photos of the rooftop cat and the Latvian Ministry of Science. The latter has a distinctly 1930s radio serial ring to it, “Meanwhile, deep in the underground bowels of the Latvian Ministry of Science an unusual experiment unfolds.” You also do a great job with restaurant atmosphere photos. Ken


2 09 2012
Ayako Mathies

Hi Ken, thanks for your kind comment. Since my first visit to the beautiful city of Prague in 2009, I have been trying to visit more of the eastern European countries and to a Japanese, they still feel very European! I travel for work as well so most of western Europe I have visited multiple times for business and pleasure though I have yet to get to Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Malta, Iceland, and Ireland, I think. I have only done five countries in eastern Europe and there are so many of them!! I also have a few more to cross out in Asia. So much to do and so little time!


3 09 2012

I love cats! They are so beautiful! But somehow Japanese cats always run away from me 😦


3 09 2012
Ayako Mathies

There are so many stray cats around my place and they sit and lie on top of, next to, and under my car and do not even move when I come home! Daring. ^^


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