Art Nouveau in Riga, Latvia

25 08 2012

Our guide told us that 40% of architecture in the city of Riga is art nouveau from the early 20th century.  I thought the style was beautiful from seeing it in Vienna a couple of years ago:

Art Nouveau in Vienna

And in Budapest last year:

Art Nouveau in Budapest

As a style of architecture, it’s always fascinating and beautiful to look at but in Riga, the sculptures attached to the buildings seemed slightly more scary than from other cities.  And while there are very well-kept buildings there are others that are totally run down which is a pity.

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Art Nouveau in Riga



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10 09 2012

If you’d like to see more Art Nouveau, you’d need to visit Brussels (again) and Nancy (France). I haven’t been to the latter yet, just driven by, but it must be very nice.


10 09 2012
Ayako Mathies

I would love to go back to Brussels because I wasn’t paying attention to buildings the first time I went and when I was there on business, I was paying, well, less attention. And Nancy would be nice!


10 06 2013
Art Nouveau in Moscow | A blog by Ayako Mathies

[…] Art Nouveau in Riga, Latvia […]


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