Summer Heat

27 07 2012

Last weekend, it got so cold in Tokyo I was worried that we were turning to be like London or Paris with more generally cloudy and sometimes rainy and cold days even during the summer months.  I was proven wrong.  We are back to being more like a sub-tropical country with high temperature and unbearable humidity and the sun glaring down on us.  Today and yesterday, it was just too hot.

My remedies.

Bought a parasol for shutting out the sun. Little it does. I like this fake Marimekko pattern though and it can be used in the rain, too.

And a new summer hat. I like hats and I buy them but never wear them. I will wear this one as I’m going to the mountains for Fuji Rock Festival 2012 tomorrow. And it is apparently very sunny and hot in Naeba as well.

IKEA’s soft ice cream. Couldn’t resist. And the tiny size is good. And cheap. ¥50 a pop! The truth is, I love soft ice cream.



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