Macrobi Deli Box

26 07 2012

Tomorrow morning I have to go to an annual physical so tonight no eating after 8 pm and no drinking (i.e. alcohol) at all but I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time to eat a substantial meal before eight and if I wasn’t going to be drinking, I felt more like Starbucks for dinner which I ended up doing tonight.

So for lunch, I thought I would get something a little more than what I would normally get like rice.  I don’t eat a lot of rice at home or elsewhere.  This “Macrobi Deli Box with Soy Meat” turned out to be a good choice.

The brown rice was very filling.  The soy meat is on bottom right.  Tastes like chicken.  The brown thing in the middle that looks and tastes like tonkatsu is a wheel-shaped ofu, fried and seasoned with miso and cut in halves.  Pretty good.

Came from this deli.

Hawaiian Deli Company



One response

26 07 2012

wow what a gastronomical delight!


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