Lemongrass Hangers?!

18 07 2012

You have no idea how ecstatic I was to find this today at a shop I happened to stop by after work.

It’s one of those soft hangers good for hanging cashmere sweaters and such. For years I have been searching for the right kind – not too expensive – it’s just a hanger after all – and not too girly satiny kind of thing.

Initially it was the fact that it was on sale that caught my attention but when I saw this, I thought it was fate.

Can you read the small print?? “Lemongrass” it says.

Closer up.

I bought the store out.  They had four of these so I bought four of these.

And I went back to the shop where I had bought lemongrass tea the other day to buy more of the made-for-cold-lemongrass-tea product but they were out of stock!  Ha!  Was told it was very popular and they are short on stocking.

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