Sunday Cooking Time

16 07 2012

I picked a recipe from a recently-bought cookbook by Wu Wen, a Beijing-born, Tokyo-residing cookbook author, partly because there was still some bread crumbs left from the batch I bought for making this about a month ago.  And I thought it was going to be a similar dish because of the bread crumbs and the chicken but not really.

I need to use that box of miso I bought some time ago as well. I hardly ever use it as I am not a regular miso soup eater.

I debated before I started cooking whether to have wine which I always do but since I was kind of stocked up on sake which does not really keep given to me as gifts, I decided it was time to consume some sake.

Two kinds of “dragon” sake, appropriate as this is the year of the dragon and yours truly being a dragon.

A special collaboration sake between UK band Dragonforce and Tatsuriki from Hyogo Prefecture. Had a glass and also used it for cooking.


The other dragon sake, Kinryu, from a brewery in Miyagi Prefecture.

Kinryu is owned by Ichinokura.

Back to cooking. My supermarket did not have any minced chicken thigh so I minced it myself.

So good.  Looks similar to the other recipe, but very different in taste.  The size of the chicken ball is actually quite different as well.  The other one is light and somewhat fluffy but bigger and this one feels more dense maybe because of the chicken used.  The other one was breast meat.

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