Near Sighted

15 07 2012

That’s what I am and over the last few years it has been getting worse on my right eye.  Last year I was told at my general medical check-up that with my glasses on I had only half a vision on my right eye compared with the left.  Naturally it’s been very uncomfortable and so I finally decided to get my glasses fixed which I had been thinking of doing for a long time but my shop in Shibuya had closed and I had to go visit another branch of the same chain elsewhere which seemed to make things more complicated.

But it turned out all right thanks to a sales clerk who was very helpful on my visit.  I changed the right lens of all my glasses except the pair I had to wear to go home and which I left with them today when I picked up the other pairs having had the work done.

The purple pair is my favorite and by far the one I wear most. I bought these after I had lost another purple frame while traveling in Tuscany. I left this pair with them today. The ones behind are the glasses that have been fixed.

It’s rather tricky to have any pair that would have a different prescription from others so I kept the same prescription every time I made a new pair even though I knew my sight was deteriorating. I now have all my glasses fixed to the same prescription. Yay.

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