Lemongrass Tea

14 07 2012

This is another example of something I love but what used to be so difficult to buy in Japan while being widely available in Southeast Asia, or more specifically, in Thailand:- lemongrass tea.

I LOVE the smell of lemongrass in anything, be it tea, aroma oil, perfume (I bought some in Istanbul!!), candle, cream, hair products, etc. but until recently, it was very difficult to find anything lemongrass here except you would find it in your green curry or tom yum kung upon visiting a Thai restaurant.

The other day I bought three different kinds of dried lemongrass leaves, all of them grown in Japan, which is one of the selling points of the products.

The yellow package is tea bags, to be brewed in hot water. The middle one is loose leaves which you can brew or use as a spice in cooking. On right is more tea bags but which you can put directly in cold water to make iced tea.

I made iced lemongrass tea today.

You’re advised to leave this in the fridge for three hours but I think that’s to cool the water so if your water is already cold, maybe not necessarily that long for the tea to be ready.

Nice golden color.

Nice lemongrass aroma.

LOVE it.

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