Morning Glory

13 07 2012

By that I mean the green vegetable with a hollow stem and soft leaves very widely consumed in Thailand, Vietnam, and China.  (There may be other regions but these are the places I’ve been to where it was heavily consumed.)  It is cooked in a similar way wherever you are with lots of garlic and it is my favorite dish from that part of the world.  I have seen bushes of them growing in the Mekong River in Vietnam and while being very readily available and cheap over there, in Tokyo it was not so until fairly recently and it was still unreasonably pricey.

Things have finally changed somewhat and a few days ago I picked up a batch of very reasonably priced locally grown morning glory at my supermarket and cooked it tonight.  Didn’t capture any “before” photo.

I suppose it’s in no way a special dish if you come from the countries mentioned above but for me, being able to cook and eat morning glory at home is quite something.

Morning glory

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